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The easiest way to get around on Lolland is by using the local railway, Lollandsbanen, which connects the cities and major villages.

Stops are Nykøbing Falster, Øster Toreby, Grænge, Sakskøbing, Maribo, Ryde, Søllested, Avnede and finally Nakskov, and there is hourly departures from around 6.00 am to around 1.00 am.

Knowledge of English is widespread among residents of Lolland, particularly in the younger generations who have studied it at school since a young age.

However, due to being a predominantly rural region, Lolland is not as exposed to English language as those dwelling in the Danish cities.

On "Lollandsbanen" and to Copenhagen at least one train per hour.You can shop basically anything you need for traveling in Nakskov, Maribo or Nykøbing, but there is no special brand stores whatsoever. Single party saarland 2013 In Nakskov there is a restaurant called Fjorden, with a wonderful view to the sea and 100 meters to the popular beach Hestehovedet.To Hamburg 4-6 times a day Rødby Færge (Ferryport) is also on the Hamburg line The closest airport to the island is in Copenhagen (IATA: CPH) ...200 km north!On the German side, Lübeck has an airport with limited flights.

You date Lolland

It is possible to get the most places by using these connections.End stations include villages as Langø and Kragenæs, the latter with ferry connections to the small, relaxed islands of Fejø and Femø.Most people arrive either with the motorway through the tunnel from Falster or with the ferry from Puttgarden in Germany to Rødby.There is also a ferry line from Tårs to Spodsbjerg at the island Langeland.If you plan on getting to Rødby, you have to go with a bus from Maribo or Nakskov, or go with the train towards Hamburg from Nykøbing Falster.

Thus, the only city on Lolland not connected somehow with the railway system is Nysted, one of Denmark's smallest towns to receive city rights.

At Albuen there is a rich bird life, a lighthouse and nice sand beach.

Postbåden departs a bit before sunset from Albuen back to Nakskov, thus allowing you to watch the sunset while sailing into Nakskov Fjord, often claimed to be one of Denmark's most beautiful fjords, spread with small isles.

Lolland is mainly a rural area, by that including a lot of activities for nature lovers.

First of all, except from a small area called Ravnsby Bakker in the northwest Lolland, the island is very flat and therefore very easy for bikers.

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