Secret dating Koblenz

In the last European elections, it was the strongest party in France and many even believe that Marine Le Pen could run as a candidate in the presidential elections in April and May.The two parties do not differ greatly in their general ideas.

() The party's policy paper outlines its opposition to schools educating children on sexual diversity.In March, parliamentary elections will be held in The Netherlands; in April and May, the French will vote for a new president and in September, a new German parliament will be elected.In all three elections, the right-wing parties will probably achieve good results, but no one is predicting that they will run governments.The so-called "Magdeburg Declaration on Early Sexualization" limits teaching on homo-, trans- and bisexuality.() The right-wing groups that have gathered in Koblenz do not mention their differences.

Secret dating Koblenz

Nonetheless, the Af D itself is not hosting the party gathering.Petry's new husband, the head of North Rhine Westphalia's Af D, arranged the meeting.The head of the SPD and deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel wants to join the march as do representatives of the Green Party, the left-wing party Die Linke and even the Social Democrat foreign minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn."We cannot leave the destiny of the continent in the hands of the nationalists," Asselborn told the German Press Agency. She does not want to be seen as a right-wing extremist and nor does she want her party, Alternative for Germany (Af D), to be labeled as such.

Despite that fact - or maybe even due to that fact - the National Front is still successful.The apartment complex features a small art gallery in the corridor, displaying acrylic paintings by local artists. On-site parking is free at the Apartmentcenter, and the A48 motorway is 10 minutes.On Saturday, the head of the Alternative for Germany Frauke Petry and Marine Le Pen from France's National Front are to meet at a gathering of European right-wing parties. She has called the Thuringian Af D leader Björn Höcke, who held a controversial speech in which he criticized the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, a "burden for the party." For a while, Petry's reservations have kept her from contacting Marine Le Pen from the France's National Front, which is considered to be at least a notch more radical than the Af D.The nationalists present themselves as international DW takes a look at the Alternative for Germany (Af D) party - the newest force in German politics.What is it, where did it come from and what role will it play in the 2017 election? () Jewish organizations and politicians have expressed horror after Thuringian Af D leader Björn Höcke called for an end to the culture of Shoah remembrance.

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