Secret casual dating Potsdam

On the question of when Stalin was to be told, it was agreed that President Truman should do this after the conclusion of one of our meetings. Churchill and I, who were covertly watching, had some doubts whether Stalin had taken it in.

His response was a nod of the head and a brief “thank you.” No comment.

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secret casual dating Potsdam

I am just as convinced now as I was when I wrote that first book, “Speaking Frankly,” in 1947, that Stalin did not appreciate the significance of the statement. I recall telling the President at the time, as we were driving back to our headquarters, that, after Stalin left the room and got back to his own headquarters, it would dawn on him, and the following day the President would have a lot of questions to answer. He devoted some time in talking to me that evening as to how far he could go — or should go. I am satisfied that Stalin did not appreciate the significance of President Truman’s statement.So offhand was Stalin’s response that there was some question in my mind whether the President’s message had got through. danmarks bedste dating side Haderslev I should have known better than to underrate the dictator. Zhukov, in his memoirs, disclosed that that night Stalin ordered a telegram sent to those working on the atomic bomb in Russia to hurry with the job. Churchill and I had previously discussed together the problem of telling Stalin and, if so, whether before the explosion of the bomb or after.In actual fact, on returning to his quarters after this meeting Stalin, in my presence, told Molotov about his conversation with Truman. It was clear already then that the US Government intended to use the atomic weapon for the purpose of achieving its Imperialist goals from a position of strength in “the cold war.” This was amply corroborated on August 6 and 8.Without any military need whatsoever, the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on the peaceful and densely-populated Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Secret casual dating Potsdam

If we did tell him would he ask for the know-how at once? There were embarrassments every way, but on balance I was in favour of telling Stalin.My chief argument was that the United States and Britain would have to refuse the secret information.He said he had told Stalin that, after long experimentation, we had developed a new bomb far more destructive than any other known bomb, and that we planned to use it very soon unless Japan surrendered.Stalin’s only reply was to say that he was glad to hear of the bomb and he hoped we would use it. I concluded that he had not grasped the importance of the discovery.I have read stories by so-called historians who assert that he must have known, but they were not present. I’m pretty certain that they knew we were working on the bomb, but we had kept secret how far that development had gone.

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