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She says that there were times when she was afraid she would suffocate in the 35 square meter (400 square feet) living room, and that her heart felt "tighter and tighter" whenever she thought of Murat in his cell at Guantanamo.

She replaced all the furniture in the room, partly to alleviate her own anxiety and partly for her son's return, even though she still doesn't know exactly when he'll be released from the US prison facility built to house terrorist suspects.

German diplomats are currently negotiating the release of Murat Kurnaz -- a Turk from the north German city of Bremen -- from the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

online dating sex Bremen

The transatlantic dialogue revolves around security guarantees and a process that's being planned at the highest levels of government.Not a German citizen To this day, the Chancellery in Berlin stresses that Kurnaz is not a German citizen, which means that the government is under no formal obligation to help him.But the government still realized it had a political problem when, on Jan.So were the gloomy dark ceilings, which were absorbing all the light in this 1960s structure, which could easily feel almost as heavy and oppressive as a prison.When Murat Kurnaz, 24, returns to his parents' house in Bremen's Hemelingen neighborhood after being held for almost four and a half years at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the young Turk should "feel liberated," says his mother, Rabiye.

Online dating sex Bremen

Everything was prepared for the return of the prodigal son.The living room was freshly painted in a cheerful yellow, and all the heavy furniture in the house replaced.But they ultimately decided against it, concerned that it could unnecessarily aggravate relations between the two countries.Instead, the chancellor simply mentioned "initial problems" at Guantanamo to Bush, adding that he was convinced that international law was being observed.The camp commander will provide Kurnaz with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for his release and journey into freedom.

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Kurnaz owes his upcoming release to a few sentences uttered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to US President George W.

The Americans apparently offered to release him in late 2002, but the Germans, who considered Kurnaz a potential threat, wanted to prevent his return.

The government will soon be asked to explain to a special investigative committee of the German parliament, the Bundestag, whether the blame for Kurnaz's prolonged detention rests solely with an inflexible US government, or whether he was kept in Guantanamo because German authorities rejected him -- akin to some package they had decided not to accept.

The US authorities, for whom it is a matter of principle not to allow Guantanamo inmates to leave the country via American airports, wants the German air force to pick up Kurnaz.

He'll be handed over on the Guantanamo Bay tarmac, flanked by the jade-green waters of the Caribbean and sandy Cuban beaches.

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