Dating dk Lejre

Every nine years, in the month of January, after the day of which we celebrate the appearance of the Lord [6 January], they all convene here and offer their gods a burnt offering of ninety-nine human beings and as many horses along with dogs and cock – the latter being used in place of hawks.

Although the book is in Danish it deserves a review here, not least because it is the first time the many diverse finds have been carefully studied and thought through from one end to the other.Down by the rivers on the embankment of an isthmus can be found the remains of a Viking Age burial ground including the remains of four stone-ships from the first half of the 9th century. ung dating Thisted This was excavated in the second part of the 20th century.One of these was the kingdom of Denmark, which at that time (during the reign of Canute the Great) had expanded into a northern empire comprising England, Denmark, Norway and parts of present-day Sweden.In view of this, it apparently seemed natural to him to tell this story about Lejre, currently a small and insignificant village south of Roskilde (now called “Gammel Lejre”).

Dating dk Lejre

Som single kan du selv bestemme, hvor skabet skal stå, og hvornår du kommer hjem.Men singletilværelsen indebærer også meget ufrivillig alenetid.Because I have heard marvellous things about their ancient sacrifices, I will not allow these to pass unnoticed.In those parts, the centre of the kingdom [of the Danes] is a place called Lejre, in the region of Seeland.It is a wild scene and most commentators tend to regard the number of sacrifices as a reflection of Thietmar’s general tendency to describe the Scandinavians and Slavs as wild and uncivilised people.

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